Carnabys adjust to foreign plants for feeding and shelter

A study tracking the movements of WA's endangered Carnaby's black-cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) has discovered that not only will the birds adapt to urban environments but they also use non-native vegetation for ...

Researcher studies the hacker mind

Timothy Summers is providing a better understanding about how hackers think through his research and newly formed startup, Summers & Co., LLC, designed to improve cybersecurity.

Key element in bacterial immune system discovered

A University of Otago scientist is a member of an international research team that has made an important discovery about the workings of a bacterial immune system. The finding could lead to the development of tailor-made ...

Curiosity rover making tracks and observations

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is continuing science observations while on the move this month. On April 16, the mission passed 10 kilometers (6.214 miles) of total driving since its 2012 landing, including about a fifth of ...

The neuroscience of consumer choice

Like doctors diagnosing an ailment, University of Akron marketing researchers have peeked into consumers' brains to understand why some ads ring up quick sales while others don't.

Drone used to drop beneficial bugs on corn crop

University of Queensland agricultural science student Michael Godfrey has developed a drone that spreads beneficial insects onto crops, potentially saving farmers time and money.

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