Deer may have mad-cow-like disease

Health officials in Kansas are investigating a potential case of chronic wasting disease, a brain degeneration in deer and elk similar to mad cow disease.

Microsoft China braces for Google

Analysts see Microsoft's announcement it was consolidating its Chinese R&D assets as a move preparing for increased competition from Google.

Sonar reference dropped from whale report

A document made public as a result of a court order says a U.S. government investigator studying the stranding of whales dropped references of naval sonar.

Work stress linked to heart disease

A British study of 1,000 civil servants found workplace stress is a major factor in the development of heart disease and diabetes.

Wireless World: New roaming standard?

Consumer interest in mobile Internet access continues to climb, and computer industry leaders including Intel Corp. and others are now calling for the creation of a global roaming standard for wireless, experts tell United ...

Professors as Science to withhold report

Oregon State University's College of Forestry professors have asked Science to withhold a study that says logging hurts forest regeneration.

Quantum electronics: Two photons and chips

Scientists at Toshiba Research Europe Limited (Cambridge, UK) believe they are on to a way of producing entangled twins of photons using a simple semiconductor electronic device. Such a chip-based source of entangled photons ...

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