Professors as Science to withhold report

Oregon State University's College of Forestry professors have asked Science to withhold a study that says logging hurts forest regeneration.

Professors John Sessions and Michael Newton, who had written a report suggesting aggressive logging helped restore the forest after the significant 2002 Biscuit Fire, and seven others from Oregon State wanted Science to delay publication of a study until it addressed their criticisms, reported the Portland (Ore.) Oregonian. They also asked that their concerns be included in a letter accompanying the study.

The study, by Oregon State graduate student Daniel Donato, published Friday in Science, was released in the Jan. 5 online edition of Science.

Donald Kennedy, the editor in chief of Science, said Donato's research had been reviewed by independent scientists before publication and there was no chance it would be suppressed and critics of the work can respond once it's published.

"That's the way scientists handle disputes, not by censorship," Kennedy said.

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