Team develops camera that uses sensors with just 1,000 pixels

Thanks to the `megapixel wars', we are used to cameras with 10s of megapixels. Sensors in our cell phone and SLRs are made of Silicon (Si), which is sensitive to the visible wavebands of light and hence, useful for consumer ...

Canada to send two astronauts into space by 2024

Canada committed Tuesday to flying two astronauts to space within the next decade as part of its renewed participation with the International Space Station program.

Fitbit IPO could top $500 mn

Fitbit on Tuesday told US regulators that it may raise more than a half-billion dollars when it makes its New York Stock Exchange debut but remained mum as to when that would happen.

Noisy debate about storm-protection research off New Jersey

A plan to help the world's coastal regions protect themselves against killer weather like Superstorm Sandy is pitting a group of scientists against an array of environmentalists and politicians, who fear that it could harm ...

Researchers use stars to infer mass of Milky Way

What if your doctor told you that your weight is somewhere between 100 and 400 lbs.? With any ordinary scale every patient can do better at home. Yet, one patient can't: the Milky Way. Even though today we peer deeper into ...

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