Tech File: Pinnacle Systems

Jeff Hastings, general manager for Pinnacle Systems, spoke with Tech File about his company and the current digital-video-editing industry.

Finding a better way to make biodiesel

They're only 250 billionths of a meter in diameter. But fill them with the right chemistry and Iowa State scientists say the tiny nanospheres they've developed could revolutionize how biodiesel is produced.

In Brief: Nokia provides Smart with HSDPA

The Philippines' Smart Communications launched Nokia's high-speed downlink packet access, which allows it to provide faster connectivity.

More questions than answers over the Net

As Congress debates whether to adhere to network neutrality, the consensus within the technology realm is as elusive as a definition of the issue itself.

Spammers take advantage of World Cup

The World Cup is a field day for beer advertisers, travel agents, and now, it seems, junk e-mailers: soccer spam has popped up in almost every language.

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