Apple denies handing source code over to China

Apple on Tuesday denied providing Chinese authorities with special access to its devices, as the iPhone maker defended its position on encryption and cooperation with US law enforcement.

Spanish classic 'Don Quixote' published in 17,000 tweets

A retired computer engineer is marking the fourth centenary of the death of Spain's revered author Miguel de Cervantes by publishing his best-known novel "Don Quixote" online—one Twitter message at a time.

Americans use less energy in 2015, analysis shows

Americans used less energy overall in 2015 than the previous year, according to the most recent energy flow charts released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Study: Cities have individual microbial signatures

Cities have their own distinct microbial communities but these communities don't vary much between offices located in the same city, according to a new study. The work, published this week in mSystems, an open access journal ...

'We have not provided source code to China': Apple

Apple has not provided its underlying software instructions or "source code" to China, the company's top lawyer said Tuesday, seeking to quash rumors about the iPhone maker's data security.

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