Video: Will it kombucha?

Kombucha is a bubbly, fermented tea that has gained popularity in the health and wellness scene over the last decade—but what is it exactly?

Researcher boosts vegetable oil production in plant leaves

Since antiquity, cultures around the world have been extracting vegetable oil from plants to use as food and fuel. Some vegetable oils have important health benefits, including lowering cholesterol levels and decreasing the ...

Machine learning boosts the search for 'superhard' materials

Superhard materials are in high demand in industry, from energy production to aerospace, but finding suitable new materials has largely been a matter of trial and error based on classical materials such as diamonds. Until ...

Taking greenhouse gas analysis on the road, er, rails

Research-grade air quality sensors are costly—around $40,000. For cities trying to monitor their greenhouse gas emissions, the cost may limit the number of sensors they can install and the data they can collect.

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