Snow research fills gap in understanding Arctic climate

Comprehensive data from several seasons of field research in the Alaskan Arctic will address uncertainties in Earth-system and climate-change models about snow cover across the region and its impacts on water and the environment.

NASA scientists study how to remove planetary 'photobombers'

Imagine you go to a theme park with your family and you ask a park employee to take a group photo. A celebrity walks by in the background and waves at the camera, stealing the focus of the photo. Surprisingly, this concept ...

Climate change driving unprecedented forest fire loss

Forest fires supercharged by climate change are burning twice as much global tree cover as 20 years ago, according to a data Wednesday showing the equivalent of 16 football pitches are now lost every minute.

France braces for violent storms after weeks of drought

The French weather service warned Wednesday of new flash flooding risks after fierce rainstorms lashed much of the country overnight, providing a measure of relief for parched landscapes after a summer of record drought.

Sailing drones to capture ecosystem data from Lake Superior

Seafaring drones on Lake Superior will soon allow a team of Cornell University scientists to examine fresh details about the abundance and distribution of forage fish—species, such as zooplankton and shrimp, which provide ...

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