Hackers find security gaps in Pentagon websites

High-tech hackers brought in by the Pentagon to breach Defense Department websites were able to burrow in and find 138 different security gaps, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Friday.

TED Talks aim for wider global reach

TED Talks, known for "ideas worth spreading," are aiming for a wider global audience with a new mobile application that can be used in two dozen languages.

Marrying superconductors, lasers, and Bose-Einstein condensates

Chapman University Institute for Quantum Studies (IQS) member Yutaka Shikano, Ph.D., recently had research published in Scientific Reports. Superconductors are one of the most remarkable phenomena in physics, with amazing ...

Dewatering natural fiber suspensions via compression

The removal of water from dense suspensions is a longstanding and perplexing industrial challenge—one that's particularly important when it comes to papermaking and wastewater treatment.

Scientists seek new physics using ORNL's intense neutrino source

Soon to be deployed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory is an experiment to explore new physics associated with neutrinos. The Precision Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment, or PROSPECT, is led by ...

Ultra-sharp image uncovers the shocking lives of young stars

An unprecedented view from the Gemini South telescope in Chile probes a swarm of young and forming stars that appear to have been shocked into existence. The group, known as N159W, is located some 158,000 light years away ...

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