Hey Google, you don't really want to replace me, right?

Google wants to do more than just organize the world's information. It wants to infuse itself into our lives and replace several of our daily tasks robotically. That, clearly, is the goal, as outlined this week.

Huge earthquake simulator to get an upgrade

The University of California, San Diego's outdoor shake table in Scripps Ranch will soon give engineers a truer sense of the fury released when big earthquakes erupt in places around the world,

Google offers solutions to avoid more EU Android fines

Google formally offered its solutions to avoid more EU mega-fines Wednesday, after Brussels accused the US tech giant of illegally abusing the dominance of its Android operating system for mobile devices.

Can Pinterest succeed as the 'un'-social network?

If Instagram is the dream vacation you'll never go on and Facebook is Thanksgiving with too many relatives arguing over politics, Pinterest is sitting on the couch by yourself, watching a home-improvement show and absent-mindedly ...

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