Archive: 15/07/2009

Early initiation of Arctic sea-ice formation

Significant sea ice formation occurred in the Arctic earlier than previously thought is the conclusion of a study published this week in Nature. "The results are also especially exciting because they suggest that sea ice ...

dateJul 15, 2009 in Earth Sciences
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Classifying 'clicks'

A new way to classify sounds in some human languages may solve a problem that has plagued linguists for nearly 100 years--how to accurately describe click sounds distinct to certain African languages.

dateJul 15, 2009 in Other
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New insect on Balearic Islands

After 10 years of biochemical and molecular analysis of the Tyrrhenoleuctra plecoptera that live in the Western Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian scientists have now demonstrated that one of the insect populations of this ...

dateJul 15, 2009 in Plants & Animals
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