Wireless World: Industry mum on attacks

Who do most IT professionals call when there has been a breach of security -- an attack by hackers seeking to steal information from mobile phones and personal digital assistants? Is it the FBI or the CIA or the NSA or the ...

Internet co. rattles Japan's media

The revelation that an Internet startup has become the biggest shareholder in one of Japan's most influential media outlets has delighted investors but is rattling those in the industry.

Samsung admits chip price-fixing

Samsung has agreed to pay a huge fine after admitting in federal court that it was part of a conspiracy to fix the price of semiconductor chips.

T-Mobile unveils new Sidekick II models

The DigitalLife tech show in New York kicked off Friday with the debut of two new versions of its Sidekick II wireless communications device.

Polar bears at risk from ice loss

Survival of the remaining polar bears is increasingly jeopardized by rapid disappearance of the arctic sea ice, conservation groups say.

Forecasting the Next Great San Francisco Earthquake

The San Francisco Bay region has a 25 percent chance of a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake in the next 20 years, and a roughly 1 percent chance of such an earthquake each year, according to the "Virtual California" computer ...

EPA posts Katrina sampling results

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is posting test results from floodwater and sediment sampling in Louisiana affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Samsung fined $300M for conspiracy

Samsung Electronics was found guilty by the U.S. Department of Justice Thursday for conspiring to set prices on computer chips and fined $300 million.

MP3-player sales seen surging

Sales of portable digital music players will soar over the next four years, an industry research group said Thursday.

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