Innovation, optimism on display at Detroit auto show

The mood is exuberant at this year's North American International Auto Show. Automakers are flush with profits and the show gleams with performance cars, beefy trucks and exciting experiments, from plug-in hybrids to cars ...

Blackberry, Samsung deny takeover report

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry's shares jumped then fell back amid rumors of takeover talks with South Korea's Samsung, which both companies promptly denied.

US auctioneer fined $1.5 million for selling rhino horns

A Florida auction house owner pleaded guilty to selling illegal rhinoceros horns and elephant ivory and will pay a $1.5 million fine as well as face possible jail time, US authorities said Wednesday.

How prepared is your pilot to deal with an emergency?

Pilots receive extensive training on effectively handling emergency situations that may arise in the cockpit. However, during several recent highly-publicized airline incidents, the pilots neglected to apply the skills they ...

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