Balancing food security and nitrogen use

Environmental targets to limit excess nitrogen require the large-scale deployment of dedicated nitrogen mitigation strategies to avoid a strong increase in the risk of food insecurity. Without these measures, the amount of ...

Tongue-in-cheek award with cult status for cinema air study

The Ig Nobel Prizes honor scientific achievements that "should first make people laugh and then make them think". The spoof prizes, first awarded by the US journal Annals of Improbable Research in 1991, have long since acquired ...

Crop-eating moths will flourish as climate warms

Climate change in this century will allow one of the world's costliest agricultural pests, the diamondback moth, to both thrive year-round and rapidly evolve resistance to pesticides in large parts of the United States, Europe ...

Rerun of supernova blast expected to appear in 2037

It's challenging to make predictions, especially in astronomy. There are however, a few forecasts astronomers can depend on, such as the timing of upcoming lunar and solar eclipses and the clockwork return of some comets.

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