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Perspective on: The future of fusion

Stewart Prager, a well-known plasma physicist and fusion scientist with a distinguished career and a record of discovery at the University of Wisconsin, arrived in January 2009 as director of PPPL, the United States’ ...

dateMay 13, 2011 in General Physics
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A 3-D headache or family fun?

With the recent release of Nintendo’s new 3DS, a handheld gaming system, and the popularity of movies like “Thor” and “Avatar,” the use of 3-D technology has increased over the past few years. Terrence ...

dateMay 13, 2011 in Business
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Jellyfish 'fingerprints'

Annette Govindarajan is fascinated with studying jellyfish, specifically their complex life cycles. That passion was forged years ago after working with hydrozoans, a jelly of the stinging variety.

dateMay 13, 2011 in Plants & Animals
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ESA's water mission keeps tabs on dry spring soils

Western Europe's exceptionally dry spring is clear to see in maps generated using data from SMOS. While these maps offer an interesting view of the stark difference in soil moisture compared to a year ago, the data are also ...

dateMay 13, 2011 in Environment
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