Outside help for social security

(PhysOrg.com) -- Professor proposes an idea that would address both the problems of illegal immigration and Social Security.

Extended solar minimum linked to changes in sun's conveyor belt

A new analysis of the unusually long solar cycle that ended in 2008 suggests that one reason for the long cycle could be a stretching of the Sun's conveyor belt, a current of plasma that circulates between the Sun's equator ...

Cairo's Muslim faithful called to pray on one wavelength

Egypt on Thursday began unifying calls to prayer that ring out five times a day from thousands of minarets across the capital, but the move has been criticised by the men who make the call or azzan.

Asteroid found in gravitational 'dead zone'

There are places in space where the gravitational tug between a planet and the Sun balance out, allowing other smaller bodies to remain stable. These places are called Lagrangian points. So-called Trojan asteroids have been ...

Obama panel urges US backing for clean coal

A task force to President Barack Obama called Thursday for a strong government role to promote clean coal, potentially accepting liability over carbon storage sites for thousands of years to come.

Do stock options improve employee performance?

It has become an article of faith in Silicon Valley that stock options create incentives for employees to work harder and smarter. But does that assumption stand up? It depends on who is receiving the options, according to ...

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