Archive: 12/08/2010

WikiLeaks preparing to release more Afghan files

(AP) -- WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange said Thursday his organization is preparing to release the rest of the secret Afghan war documents it has on file. The Pentagon warned that would be more damaging to security and ...

dateAug 12, 2010 in Internet
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Wax, soap clean up obstacles to better batteries

A little wax and soap can help build electrodes for cheaper lithium ion batteries, according to a study in August 11 issue of Nano Letters. The one-step method will allow battery developers to explore lower-priced alternatives ...

dateAug 12, 2010 in Nanomaterials
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Water-sector firms: which ones will sink or swim?

The United Nations estimates that more than half of the world's population will experience severe shortages of fresh water by 2025. In light of these fresh water forecasts and challenges, several Ryerson University researchers ...

dateAug 12, 2010 in Environment
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Manipulating cells with a micro-suction cup

Researchers at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering have devised a novel method to pick up and relocate individual cells with a microtip without damaging them. In the future this could be used to verify how robust synthetically ...

dateAug 12, 2010 in Cell & Microbiology
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Raisin' mountains on Saturn's moon Titan

Saturn's moon Titan ripples with mountains, and scientists have been trying to figure out how they form. The best explanation, it turns out, is that Titan is shrinking as it cools, wrinkling up the moon's surface like a raisin.

dateAug 12, 2010 in Space Exploration
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