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Hubble image of galaxies' El Dorado

( -- NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has produced this beautiful image of the galaxy NGC 1483. NGC 1483 is a barred spiral galaxy located in the southern constellation of Dorado — the dolphinfish (or Mahi-mahi ...

dateMar 12, 2012 in Astronomy
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Automatic safety under water

The Suba system aims to become to diving what the automatic pilot is to flying. Developed by a student from EPFL, it will be released to the market by his start-up company: Pandora Underwater Equipment, starting from April ...

dateMar 12, 2012 in Engineering
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Can a scientist be religious?

An empirical answer to the question “can a scientist be religious” is easy: yes. Religious scientists are actually quite common. However, many would prefer to know whether or not it is rational for them to be religious. ...

dateMar 12, 2012 in Other
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