PC sales slump for sixth consecutive quarter

Sales of personal computers slid for the sixth consecutive quarter at the start of 2016, falling to levels not seen since 2007, a market tracker said Monday.

New report calls for ban on 'killer robots' amid UN meeting

Technology allowing a pre-programmed robot to shoot to kill, or a tank to fire at a target with no human involvement, is only years away, experts say. A new report called Monday for a ban on such "killer robots."

Researchers define links within two supercontinents

A University of Wyoming researcher contributed to a paper that has apparently solved an age-old riddle of how constituent continents were arranged in two Precambrian supercontinents—then known as Nuna-Columbia and Rodinia. ...

Virginia continues to lead in clam and oyster aquaculture

Virginia shellfish farmers sold $48.3 million in clams and oysters in 2015, with hard clam sales of $32.3 million once again leading the nation and $16 million in oyster sales tops among U.S. East Coast states.

Copper sulfate found to be toxic to stingless bees

Copper sulfate has been used in agriculture since the 1800s, at least. In the U.S. it is widely used as a fungicide on organic and conventional crops, and it is also found in some fertilizer products.

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