Archive: 10/11/2008

A perfect bond

Not much has changed in the last 2,000 years when it comes to suturing together cuts and wounds. Even with microsurgery techniques, infection and permanent scarring remain major concerns. To minimize these dangers, doctors ...

dateNov 10, 2008 in General Physics
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Navigon 8100T GPS with 3D Panorama View

( -- Navigon, the leader in the navigation market, today announced the launch of its new flagship product, the NAVIGON 8100T. The 8100T is a new dimension in navigation that revolutionizes map view with an extra-wide ...

dateNov 10, 2008 in Consumer & Gadgets weblog
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No more searching

In warehouses, tidiness is a flexible term. Storage areas can be rearranged or moved around at any time. Forklift trucks will soon make it easy to follow the material flow and keep an overview in the warehouse automatically ...

dateNov 10, 2008 in Engineering
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