Questions and answers about Netflix's flip-flops

(AP) -- Puzzled by Netflix Inc.'s recent changes? You're not alone. Here are basic questions and answers about the company's reversal of its decision to split off its DVD-by-mail service and rename it "Qwikster."

Phone linked to Facebook leads to burglary suspect

(AP) -- A New Mexico man is facing burglary charges after authorities say he broke into an Albuquerque-area home then left behind a cell phone linked to his Facebook profile.

CERN and colliding theories

Findings that showed faster-than-light travel were released to the public too soon.

Astronomers fret over Webb Telescope's future

Congressional wrangling over the future of the overdue, over-budget James Webb Space Telescope has split astronomers in a struggle over billions in funding.

Two pairs of specs in one: Touch of finger changes prescription

If you're over 45 and wear glasses, you've probably got more than one pair. Or you're using bifocals or progressive lenses. As most people get older, their eyes have more trouble focusing on objects that are close, which ...

Crows are capable of distinguishing symbols, study finds

(PhysOrg.com) -- A new study published in Animal Behavior shows that crows are capable of recognizing symbols designed to represent different quantities and is one of many different studies currently looking at the behavior ...

US Army purchases robotic scouts (w/ video)

(PhysOrg.com) -- By being the first to scout out an unknown building or peek over a wall, a small dumbbell-shaped robot will be taking over some of the riskiest tasks in the US Army. The robot’s maker, ReconRobotics, ...

Research in Motion executive confident in PlayBook

(AP) -- Research in Motion Ltd. is "absolutely confident" in its PlayBook tablet despite disappointing sales and aims to appeal to customers already hooked on its BlackBerry smartphones, a company executive said Monday.

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