Archive: 1/11/2006

Fossil Is Missing Link in Elephant Lineage

A pig-sized, tusked creature that roamed the earth some 27 million years ago represents a missing link between the oldest known relatives of elephants and the more recent group from which modern elephants descended, an international ...

dateNov 01, 2006 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Measuring Synthesis Intermediates for Better Materials

Involved in about 90 percent of all chemical processes and the creation of about 60 percent of the chemical products available on the market, catalysis is vital to American industries. Catalysis, the acceleration of a chemical ...

dateNov 01, 2006 in
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Composing Music For the Next Generation

Georgia Tech professor and composer Jason Freeman is bringing his musical passion to the Internet and letting his audiences shape the music they’ll hear in performance. The Graph Theory Project is an online interface that ...

dateNov 01, 2006 in Other
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