NASA sees large Tropical Depression Mawar develop

NASA's Aqua satellite gathered temperature data on Tropical Depression Mawar as it was consolidating in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. Satellite imagery showed that this large system was getting better organized.

NASA sees Sanvu strengthen into a Typhoon

Tropical Storm Sanvu continued to strengthen in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and NASA's Aqua satellite viewed the storm after it became a typhoon.

NASA gets a night-time and under-the-hood look at Hurricane Irma

NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP Satellite provided a night-time and infrared look at the Atlantic's latest hurricane that revealed the power under the clouds. NASA's GPM also provided a look at the rainfall being generated by Hurricane ...

Most of Houston 'now dry,' as recovery begins

Houston was limping back to life on Friday one week after Hurricane Harvey slammed into America's fourth-largest city and left a trail of devastation across other parts of southeast Texas.

British ban on cabin laptops to be lifted: EgyptAir

Passengers flying with EgyptAir from Cairo to Britain will again be allowed to carry personal electronic devices in aircraft cabins, the North African country's national carrier said on Friday.

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