Toshiba and Canon Announce SED Flat-Panel TVs Launch Plan

Toshiba Corporation and Canon Inc. today announced that they will start the first stage of mass production of SED panels in July 2007 and launch SED TVs in the 4Q of calendar year 2007. SED, the Surface-conduction Electron-emitter ...

Largest air pollution study is released

A study published Wednesday suggests fine particulate air pollution spikes increase cardiovascular and respiratory hospitalizations across the United States.

U.S. officials to expand bird flu testing

Federal officials, worried migrating birds might bring bird flu to North America, reportedly plan to significantly increase testing of wild birds.

Wireless-security campaign steps up

Talking about connectivity on-the-go and being concerned about storage capacity is no longer a sign of being a geek, but rather very much part of everyday life for many people. Yet as the number of Internet users rises and ...

China's surging appetite for 3G

With more than 10 million potential subscribers of third-generation mobile phones at the ready, China seems ready to continue shaping its role as a powerful force in the adoption of new technologies and innovations.

Nuclear safety violations cited at Argonne

The University of Chicago, which manages the Argonne National Laboratory for the federal government, has been charged with nuclear safety violations.

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