Purdue investigates professor's tabletop nuclear fusion research

Rusi Taleyarkhan
Rusi Taleyarkhan

Purdue University is reportedly investigating the research of Professor Rusi Taleyarkhan, who said he produced nuclear fusion in a tabletop experiment (see link 1, link 2).

A team led by Taleyarkhan, a nuclear engineering professor, claimed it achieved nuclear fusion by blasting a container of liquid solvent with strong ultrasonic vibrations, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The researchers said the vibrations collapsed tiny gas bubbles in the liquid, heating them to millions of degrees -- hot enough to initiate fusion. Scientists told The Times that, if true, the phenomenon -- known as sonofusion or bubble fusion -- could have far-reaching applications, including the generation of energy.

However, no other scientists have been able to replicate the experiment's findings.

Purdue Provost Sally Mason said the investigation was being conducted by the university's Office of the Vice President of Research. Results will be announced publicly.

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