Stanford researchers calculate the mathematics of terror

George Habash, a militant and former secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, once characterized terrorism as a "thinking man's game." Using mathematics, researchers at Stanford University's ...

Ness Technologies makes Outsourcing 100

Global IT provider Ness Technologies announced over the weekend it will be included in a list of the world's top outsourcing service providers.

The Kennewick Man's history emerges

In 1996 the skull of the 9,000-year-old Kennewick Man was found along a river near Kennewick, Wash., but only now is light being shed on the remains.

Networking: E-mail as slow as snail mail?

You send a crucial e-mail on a Monday morning, but it doesn't arrive in the client's mailbox, across town, until Thursday afternoon. You lose a pending deal. Exasperating? Yes, but increasingly, as a result of the profound ...

Cosmic collisions, past and future, shown

A scientifically correct, 20-minute, $3 million science show called "Cosmic Collisions" opens March 18 at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.

Atomic bomb, space scientist Rudoff dies

Hyman Rudoff, who worked on the Manhattan Project and helped develop the heat shields for the Mercury and Gemini space capsules, has died in California. He was 93.

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