Dual functions of sight demonstrated

The dissociation in the visual system between two separate theoretical functions has been demonstrated for the first time by scientists in Jerusalem.

How to Grow a Bigger Brain

Hatchery-reared steelhead trout show increased growth of some parts of the brain when small stones are scattered on the bottom of their tank, according to a new study by researchers at UC Davis. The brains of those young ...

Hotmail banks on speed for better service

It's free and available worldwide, but Hotmail isn't known for its speedy access. What's more, if you're a dialup internet user, particularly in a developing country, the situation is worse. But the seemingly endless wait ...

System may transform hiring, online dating

A University of Calgary professor says he's designed a computerized unified selection process that promises to revolutionize the world of human resources.

Verizon extends post-Katrina cell program

Verizon Wireless will continue providing free cell phones to people in the Gulf Coast who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina for another three months.

Towards hydrogen as fuel for cars and electronic devices

Chemists at UCLA and the University of Michigan report an advance toward the goal of cars that run on hydrogen rather than gasoline. While the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that practical hydrogen fuel will require ...

It’s not just a game, dude

The video game industry lost more than $1.8 billion to global piracy through illegal copying, counterfeiting, and distributing in 2004. In latest issue of IBM Systems Journal researchers present two novel approaches for game ...

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