Suomi NPP sees Typhoon Maria affecting Guam

The Pacific island of Guam continued to experience the effects of Typhoon Maria on July 5 as NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite showed a large band of storms over the island.

Rising seas put salinity stress on Hawaiian coastal plants

With the increased likelihood of extreme weather events and sea-level rise associated with climate change, flooding poses a major risk to coastal regions. Seawater flooding is not only a threat to many already-threatened ...

Researchers link coastal nuisance flooding to Rossby Waves

A team of international researchers has found a link between seasonal fluctuations in sea level to a long-time phenomenon—Rossby Waves. And this connection may lead to a new tool to help coastal communities, such as Miami, ...

Video: Hydrangeas and the science of do-overs

In a previous video, the Reactions team attempted to demonstrate the color-changing science of hydrangeas by using aluminum citrate to try to turn cut flowers from red to blue.

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