Archive: 04/06/2008

Plant Scientists Develop New Cell-Sorting Technique

A new cell-sorting technique developed by University of Arizona plant scientists has the potential to enhance our understanding of how cells of all types work – or, in the case of diseases such as cancer, how they fail ...

dateJun 04, 2008 in
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Does everyone really want to be a macho man?

Traditional attitudes of masculinity, such as physical toughness and personal sacrifice, are valued in Mexican culture. A University of Missouri researcher found that Mexican-American men, as a group, are more likely to endorse ...

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W28: A Mixed Bag of Supernova Remnant

When some stars die, they explode as supernovas and their debris fields (aka, "supernova remnants") expand into the surrounding environments. There are several different types, or categories, of supernova remnants. One of ...

dateJun 04, 2008 in Astronomy
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