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First health overhaul provisions start to kick in

(AP) -- The first stage of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul is expected to provide coverage to about 1 million uninsured Americans by next year, according to government estimates.

Jul 06, 2010
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Democrats try to move on health bill; GOP objects

(AP) -- Senate Finance Committee Democrats working on sweeping health care legislation are attempting a delicate juggling act: Making health insurance more affordable for millions of Americans while holding ...

Sep 23, 2009
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Time running out for bipartisan health compromise

(AP) -- Time is running out for a two-party compromise on health care as a bipartisan group of six Finance Committee senators considers a new proposal that might be the last, best hope for an overhaul agreement.

Sep 08, 2009
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Obama outlines health care plan for all

(AP) -- President Barack Obama says he's open to requiring all Americans to buy health insurance, as long as the plan provides a "hardship waiver" to exempt poor people from having to pay.

Jun 04, 2009
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