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A new 'Pyrex' nanoparticle

Researchers in Switzerland have developed a new method to fabricate borosilicate glass nanoparticles. Used in microfluidic systems, these "Pyrex"-like nanoparticles are more stable when subjected to temperature ...

Sep 07, 2008
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Shooting Marbles at 16,000 mph

NASA scientist Bill Cooke is shooting marbles and he's playing "keepsies." The prize won't be another player's marbles, but knowledge that will help keep astronauts safe when America returns to the Moon in ...

Mar 14, 2007
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Faster Nanochannels Water Transport with Sharp Corners

A new study has revealed how sharp corners in nanochannels can speed up the drying rate of liquid water and in turn, transport water faster. "As far as we know, nobody else has realized this gain in water-transport speed," ...

Jan 04, 2006 feature
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New MEMS sensor based on human organ is no tin ear

Researchers at the University of Michigan are developing a mechanical cochlea, a device that functions much like its human counterpart in the ear. Yet, because it is composed of micromachined parts and integrated ...

Nov 04, 2005
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