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New York doctors testing heated chemo for rare cancer

Long Island cancer doctors have borrowed a page from medicine's past to write a new chapter on how to address a rare malignancy by infusing heated chemotherapy directly into the abdomen using a heart-lung machine.

dateMar 05, 2009 in Cancer
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Protection from the own immune system

Some 80,000 people in Germany suffer from multiple sclerosis – their immune system attacks and destroys healthy nerve tissue. Researchers at the Heidelberg University Hospital and the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg ...

dateDec 01, 2008 in Medical research
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Newly Discovered Pathway Might Help in Design of Cancer Drugs

Johns Hopkins chemists have discovered a new way to sabotage DNA's ability to reproduce, a finding that could eventually lead to the development of new anti-cancer drugs and therapies. The method could enable future doctors to ...

dateMar 15, 2005 in
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