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Archaeology & Fossils news

Ancient fish illuminates one of the mysteries of childhood

Remember dropping your milk teeth? After a lot of wiggling the tooth finally dropped out. But in your hand was only the enamel-covered crown: the entire root of the tooth had somehow disappeared. In a paper published in Nature, ...

Ancient wingless wasp, now extinct, is one of a kind

Researchers have identified a bizarre, parasitic wasp without wings preserved in 100-million-year-old amber, which seems to borrow parts of its anatomy from a range of other insects but actually belongs to no other family ...

Research to answer a 'crushing' evolutionary question

Studying the physical features of long-extinct creatures continues to yield surprising new knowledge of how evolution fosters traits desirable for survival in diverse environments. Placodonts are a case in point—specifically, ...

Shocks in the early universe could be detectable today
Bubble nucleus discovered
NASA missions harvest a passel of 'pumpkin' stars
Ten months in the air without landing
A dead star's ghostly glow
Neutrons prove the existence of 'spiral spin-liquid'
Study shows mixed fortunes for Signy penguins

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