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Enigmatic Viking fortress discovered in Denmark

It is the first time for over 60 years that a new Viking fortress is found in Denmark, says curator Nanna Holm of The Danish Castle Centre. Søren Sindbæk, professor of medieval archeology at Aarhus University, ...

Wireless sensor transmits tumor pressure

A nanosized hydrogen generator

Scientists discover an on/off switch for aging cells

Search on in Greece for Europe's oldest village

Archaeologists seeking traces of what could be Europe's oldest settlement in waters off southern Greece say they have located promising indications of human activity and sections of a deep-sunken prehistoric coastline.

Ground surveying digs deep for Batavia secrets

A group of WA researchers are hopeful they will find remains from the wreck of the infamous Dutch ship Batavia following the discovery of a tooth last year on Beacon Island off the Mid West coast.

How good is the fossil record?

Methods have been developed to try to identify and correct for bias in the fossil record but new research from the Universities of Bristol and Bath, suggests many of these correction methods may actually be misleading.

Sierra Leone faces criticism over Ebola shutdown

Team improves solar-cell efficiency

CloudFlare tackles lost SSL key risk with Keyless SSL

Dwindling wind may tip predator-prey balance

Study claims cave art made by Neanderthals

A series of lines scratched into rock in a cave near the southwestern tip of Europe could be proof that Neanderthals were more intelligent and creative than previously thought.

How Paramecium protozoa claw their way to the top

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