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Fossils unearthed at California construction site

Giant teeth from a 40-foot (12-meter)-long shark and portions of what could turn out to be an entire whale skeleton are among the hundreds of fossils being carefully unearthed at a dam construction site in California's Silicon ...

Scientists revise timeline of human origins

Many traits unique to humans were long thought to have originated in the genus Homo between 2.4 and 1.8 million years ago in Africa. Although scientists have recognized these characteristics for decades, they a ...

'Comb on a chip' powers new atomic clock design

US appeals court deals blow to health law

New dino-book highlights Britain's 'Three-rex'

Jurassic Britain was a "dinosaur paradise" with more than 100 different species – including three tyrannosaurs – described in the scientific literature to date, says the author of a new book, Dinosaurs ...

Forelimb bone data predicts predator style

At the start of their research, paleobiologists Christine Janis and Borja Figueirido simply wanted to determine the hunting style of an extinct marsupial called Thylacine (also known as the "marsupial wolf" ...

The heart of an astronaut, five years on

New water balance calculation for the Dead Sea

Study reveals nervous system's role in asthma attacks

Creating optical cables out of thin air

Bizarre parasite from the Jurassic

Around 165 million years ago, a spectacular parasite was at home in the freshwater lakes of present-day Inner Mongolia (China): A fly larva with a thorax formed entirely like a sucking plate. With it, the ...

Lost collection of human fossils found

( —A treasure trove of important human fossils has been discovered by a team of scientists from the Natural History Museum, including Liverpool John Moores University's Dr Isabelle De Groote.

Explorer says Griffin shipwreck may be found

A debris field at the bottom of Lake Michigan may be the remains of the long-lost Griffin, a vessel commanded by a 17th-century French explorer, said a shipwreck hunter who has sought the wreckage for decades.

Egg hunt to find Ice Age parents

( —The hunt is on to find the rightful parents of a fossil egg that reputedly belongs to an extinct ancient bird from the Australian Ice Age.

A new multi-bit 'spin' for MRAM storage

Bats use polarized light to navigate

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