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Greek PM says important tomb found in northern dig

Archaeologists excavating an ancient mound in northern Greece have uncovered what appears to be the entrance to an important tomb from about the end of the reign of warrior-king Alexander the Great, officials ...

New geoglyphs found in Nazca desert after sandstorm

( —While flying over the famous Nazca desert recently, pilot Eduardo Herrán Gómez de la Torre spotted some geoglyphs that had not been seen before. He believes the geoglyphs or Nazca Lines, as ...

Early dino was turkey-sized, social plant-eater

The forerunner of dinosaurs like three-horned Triceratops was a bird-hipped creature the size of a turkey that lived in herds in South America and liked to munch on ferns, scientists said Wednesday.

'Hobbit' more likely had Down Syndrome than a new species

Many people believe that what was found in Liang Bua Cave on the island of Flores in Indonesia in 2003-2004 was some variety of hobbit-like human or prehuman. Our research published today argues that it was more likely just one of th ...

Egyptologist sheds light on Tulane mummies

Answers don't come easily when the mystery is 3,000 years old. Egyptologist Melinda Nelson-Hurst has spent two years researching the Egyptian artifacts that have resided at Tulane University since 1852. Her ...

Photodynamic therapy vs. cryotherapy for actinic keratoses

Zambia lifts ban on safari hunting

When an exciton acts like a hole

Klekowskii penguin takes size title away from emperor

A new fossil discovery of bones makes the 90-pound emperor penguin, thought to be the largest of all penguins, rather puny. Penguin-watching has become all the more fascinating in light of new observations ...

The roots of human altruism

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