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Digging up the 'Spanish Vikings'

The fearsome reputation of the Vikings has made them the subject of countless exhibitions, books and films - however, surprisingly little is known about their more southerly exploits in Spain.

Dec 19, 2014
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Gothic cathedrals blend iron and stone

Using radiocarbon dating on metal found in Gothic cathedrals, an interdisciplinary team has shown, for the first time through absolute dating, that iron was used to reinforce stone from the construction phase. ...

Dec 17, 2014
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Major Viking hall identified in Sweden

A Viking feasting hall measuring almost 50 metres in length has been identified near Vadstena in Sweden. Archaeologists from Stockholm University and Umeå University used ground-penetrating radar, a non-invasive geophysical ...

Methane is leaking from permafrost offshore Siberia

Dirt provides new insight into Roman burials

The first scientific evidence of frankincense being used in Roman burial rites in Britain has been uncovered by a team of archaeological scientists led by the University of Bradford. The findings - published today in the ...

New discovery in Arctic is a very old clam

The Milky Way's new neighbour

Bacteria are wishing you a Merry Xmas

Ultra-luminous X-ray sources in starburst galaxies

When a bright light fades

Ancient coins found in Greece's mystery tomb

Coins featuring the face of Alexander the Great have been found at the largest tomb ever unearthed in Greece, where archaeologists are hunting for clues to solve the mystery of who lies buried there.

Image: Hubble sweeps a messy star factory

Alcohol apps aimed at young

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