New Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER UNIX Servers Feature Processors Exceeding 2GHz

May 17, 2005
New Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER UNIX Servers Feature Processors Exceeding 2GHz

Fujitsu Limited, a leader in mission critical computing, today announced the availability of five new PRIMEPOWER server models based on SPARC64 V RISC processors that exceed 2GHz clock speeds. These UNIX servers, designed for mission-critical computing, enable Fujitsu to offer its enterprise customers a broad choice of IT systems, services, and solutions running on the Solaris Operating System. Simultaneously, Fujitsu announced that a PRIMEPOWER 2500 configured with 128 2.08GHz SPARC64 V CPUs, has set a world record for the SAP SD two-tier Standard Application Benchmark with 1.6 times the performance of its predecessor with 1.30GHz processors.

The new servers are being released globally today through Fujitsu Limited in the Asia/Pacific region as well as Fujitsu Computer Systems in North America and Fujitsu Siemens Computers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In today's turbulent business environment, information systems need the performance to stand up to load concentrations and the flexibility to accommodate changes and expansions. In response to these requirements, Fujitsu has designed the new PRIMEPOWER server models to yield superior performance in a wide range of applications, and with the flexibility to meet a wide range of customer needs. The new models are designed with reliability features tailored to mission-critical applications such as large databases and online transactions. With support for both hardware partitioning and the virtualization technology in the Solaris 10 Operating System, it gives customers greater flexibility in administering their systems. Delivering superior system stability, PRIMEPOWER servers help improve operational efficiency and continuity, drive down TCO and help business grow.

About the New Models

World's fastest performance

The top-of-the-line PRIMEPOWER 2500 server, equipped with 128 2.08GHz SPARC64 V processors, along with ETERNUS 3000 storage system, achieved a record score of 21,000 SAP SD benchmark users with SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7. This marks a new world record for the SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) two-tier Standard Application Benchmark. In addition to this benchmark, the PRIMEPOWER server turned in record performance in two-tier SAP Assemble-To-Order (ATO) Standard Benchmark, two-tier mySAP™ Utilities Customer Case and Service (ISU/CCS) Benchmark (as of April 27, 2005), SPECjbb2000 and SPECjAppServer 2002 benchmarks measuring Java execution performance, and TPC-H benchmark measuring data warehousing performance. The PRIMEPOWER server currently holds records in a total of six standard benchmarks (for details see:

Reliability optimized for use in mission-critical applications

With 90-nm process technology and copper interconnects, the SPARC64 V is a showcase for Fujitsu's cutting-edge technology and is equipped with error-handling features including high precision error detection and ECC, error correction through instruction retry, and other advanced RAS functions. All major components, including the power supply and system boards, are redundant, and with support for hot-swapping, the system offers reliability and availability needed for continuous operation.

Flexible system operation maximizes effectiveness of IT investment

Using a hardware partitioning function, PRIMEPOWER servers can be configured as up to 15 independent units, each running its own operating system environment. In the unlikely event of a system error on one, none of the other units will be affected. These servers also implement the new Solaris Container virtualization scheme that is part of Solaris 10. With this, each partition can be virtually split into as many as 8,191 units, offering customized allocation of OS based on customer operation requirement. Adding and removing virtual partitions require only a simple, quick setting change, and does not require a re-installation of the OS.

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