HP Introduces Advanced Security Capabilities and Support for Latest Microsoft Operating Systems

Apr 25, 2005

HP today introduced the first business desktop system to meet future Microsoft security requirements and support for Microsoft Windows x64 Editions across platforms for business users.
The new business desktop PCs and workstations with advanced security features are specifically designed to take advantage of enhancements planned for Microsoft's upcoming "Longhorn" operating system. HP also is enhancing system performance with support for the new Microsoft Windows x64 Edition operating systems across the HP ProLiant server line and on new business desktops and workstations.

The products, announced at Microsoft's WinHEC conference, build on the company's history of collaboration with industry-leading partners such as Microsoft, Intel and AMD to deliver innovative technology solutions that help prepare business customers for the performance and security demands of today and tomorrow.

"Twenty years ago, HP was among the first technology companies to adopt Microsoft's original operating system, and we continue that tradition of sharing industry 'firsts' by joining with Microsoft in the release of its Windows x64 Edition operating systems and delivering next-generation client security features," said Mike Winkler, executive vice president, Customer Solutions Group, and chief marketing officer, HP. "Our legacy of innovation and collaboration with industry leaders also includes being the first to ship an AMD processor-based business desktop, an alliance HP continues today with the expansion of our product lineup."

Will Poole, senior vice president of Windows Client Division at Microsoft, said, "HP's early support for Microsoft innovations throughout the years has allowed us to jointly deliver value to our customers. HP's introduction of systems that easily run both 32-bit and 64-bit applications and feature next-generation, hardware-based security enables customers to preserve their current investments and prepare to take full advantage of future innovations in Windows Longhorn."

HP desktop PC helps prepare businesses for security and environmental concerns

Designed to help protect customers' business systems, the new HP Compaq dc7600 Business Desktop will be the first to ship standard with the HP ProtectTools embedded security chip. Developed by Broadcom, the chip provides customers with hardware-based encryption, enhanced data protection and system access.

"Broadcom and HP are helping drive the widespread adoption of hardware-based security by making Trusted Platform Module features available in an array of innovative business systems," said Greg Young, senior director and general manager, High-Speed Controller Line of Business, Broadcom. "The new HP dc7600 desktop with the embedded Broadcom® NetXtreme® Gigabit Ethernet Controller provides customers the next generation of desktop security features to help protect their important information from threats."

Designed to meet the Trusted Computing Group's Trusted Platform Module 1.2 standard, the new chip allows HP to deliver the first business desktop compatible with the future security features expected in Microsoft "Longhorn" operating systems.

In addition to enhanced security, the dc7600 will deliver better performance with the new Intel® 945G chipset featuring improved integrated graphics, dual-channel DDR2 memory, SATA II hard drives and support for dual-core processors. These new industry features provide customers increased protection for their desktop investment and an improved user experience.

The dc7600's customized thermal design also helps enhance productivity and minimizes system downtime by providing customers more reliable systems. The airflow design is structured to help cool all components of the desktop as increasing demands for power are required. Also, HP's thermal design helps reduce system noise, which can often be distracting to business customers and may reduce productivity. The dc7600 has the same thermal and acoustic benefits of the BTX motherboard designs, but maintains the small size and expandability business customers have come to expect from HP.

In addition, the dc7600 series is the first desktop PC from HP to fully meet the European Union's Restrictions on Hazardous Substances directive. All PCs sold in EMEA must meet these requirements by July 2006 and HP is moving quickly to make it easy for customers to plan their desktop deployments. Additional specifications and pricing for the dc7600, which is expected to be available later this summer, will be released in the coming weeks.

HP provides customers with increased performance, scalability and reliability via 64-bit

HP is supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition on a new AMD processor-based business desktop and across its entire lineup of professional workstations, and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions on HP ProLiant servers.

The HP dx5150 Business Desktop is the newest addition to the 5000 series of business desktops, designed with the latest high-performance AMD processors ranging from the AMD Sempron™ processor 3000+ to the AMD Athlon™ 64 processor 4000+. Coupled with support for the new Microsoft Windows XP x64 Edition operating system, dual-channel DDR400 memory, high-performance serial ATA hard drives and an x16 PCI-Express slot, the dx5150 is ready to handle some of the most challenging business applications.

"Through continued collaboration, HP and AMD are helping drive the computing market forward by delivering desktops and workstations that reach new performance, price and security levels," said Marty Seyer, corporate vice president and general manager, Microprocessor Business Unit, Computation Products Group, AMD. "With this new desktop, AMD is providing HP the technology to deliver a wide portfolio of high-quality systems that integrate the latest technology innovations and give customers the power of choice."

For security-conscious customers, the dx5150 features the latest AMD Enhanced Virus Protection which, when used with Microsoft Windows XP SP2, can prevent certain malicious viruses from executing. The system also includes AMD's Cool'n'Quiet™ technology, which helps reduce processor power consumption and fan noise. Additionally, the ATI RADEON® XPRESS200 chipset with built-in graphics offers features, including standard dual-display support, which help customers be more productive. The HP dx5150 Business Desktop is available today at prices starting at $470.

HP adds more power and expandability to entry-level workstation

HP also announced an affordable entry-level workstation that offers customers greater performance and expandability with support for Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-bit Edition, as well as the new Intel 955X Express Chipset and new dual-core processor technology. Support of Intel's dual-core Pentium® D processor is expected to provide customers with significant performance improvements when running multi-threaded applications or in multi-tasking environments.

The new HP xw4300 Workstation gives budget-conscious customers working with large models the ability to maneuver and edit images simultaneously and in real time via eight gigabytes of total system memory. This first combination of 64-bit processors and operating system with greater than four gigabytes of system memory is what enables this breakthrough performance.

As the next generation in the family of HP xw4000 series workstations, the xw4300 offers many of the same key features, including a tool-less chassis, PCI-Express graphics and HP's Performance Tuning Framework that guides the system setup, allowing a custom configuration that best matches the workstation to user requirements. The HP xw4300 Workstation, which replaces the HP xw4200, is expected to ship to customers early this summer, with additional specification and pricing detail available at that time.

HP is offering Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions across its portfolio of 64-bit HP ProLiant servers based on AMD Opteron™ and Intel Xeon™ MP processors. HP offers a broad 64-bit server portfolio, including HP ProLiant servers and HP Integrity servers based on Intel Itanium® 2 processors. For their most demanding workloads, customers choose HP Integrity servers running Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-based systems for the highest levels of performance, scalability and reliability.

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