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Graphene nanoribbons as electronic switches

One of graphene's most sought-after properties is its high conductivity. Argentinian and Brazilian physicists have now successfully calculated the conditions of the transport, or conductance mechanisms, in ...

Domain walls in nanowires cleverly set in motion

Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) have achieved a major breakthrough in the development of methods of information processing in nanomagnets. Using a new trick, they have been able to ...

Floating nuclear plants could ride out tsunamis

Unlocking secrets of new solar material

Amino acid fingerprints revealed in new study

Some three billion base pairs make up the human genome—the floor plan of life. In 2003, the Human Genome Project announced the successful decryption of this code, a tour de force that continues to supply ...

Large streams of data warn cars, banks and oil drillers

Ranchers benefit from long-term grazing data

European climate at the +2 C global warming threshold

Can science eliminate extreme poverty?

Investment helps keep transport up to speed

Nanoparticles cause cancer cells to self-destruct

Using magnetically controlled nanoparticles to force tumour cells to 'self-destruct' sounds like science fiction, but could be a future part of cancer treatment, according to research from Lund University ...

Fighting cancer with lasers and nanoballoons that pop

Chemotherapeutic drugs excel at fighting cancer, but they're not so efficient at getting where they need to go. They often interact with blood, bone marrow and other healthy bodily systems. This dilutes the drugs and causes ...

Melting during cooling period

Patent talk: Google sharpens contact lens vision

ESO image: A study in scarlet

Warm US West, cold East: A 4,000-year pattern

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