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Measuring phosphorus loss from Midwest crop fields

Field runoff from farms in the Lake Erie basin is often rich in soluble plant nutrients, including phosphorus. When this nutrient-rich runoff reaches the lake, the phosphorus can support abundant algal blooms ...

Jan 29, 2015
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Refineries challenge EPA plan to cut emissions

A rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency that aims to curb emissions from oil refineries and petrochemical manufacturers is causing tensions to flare between the agency and industry groups. The agency is reviewing ...

Jan 28, 2015
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Carbon accumulation by Southeastern forests may slow

Carbon accumulation levels in the Southeastern U.S. may be slowing due to forest dynamics and land use changes, according to findings of U.S. Forest Service researchers published in the journal Scientific Reports, Friday ...

Study of new perspective on water management

Water management should focus more on how robust different areas are in terms of coping with floods and drought. A robust system means that we can deal better with extreme events. High river discharges and long periods of ...

Planck: Gravitational waves remain elusive

Evidence mounts for quantum criticality theory

British lawmakers demand freeze on fracking

A committee of British lawmakers demanded a national moratorium on fracking due to environmental concerns on Monday, ahead of a crucial vote intended to boost the shale gas industry.

DNA nanoswitches reveal how life's molecules connect

Seeking cracks in the Standard Model

What's happening in the universe right now?

Gates working on Personal Agent project with Microsoft

Scaling up armor systems

Scientists find Ebola virus is mutating

Ocean science needs more funding

Facing critical dangers like rising seas and the impact of climate change on marine life, US scientists need more funding in the next decade, officials said Friday.

Second bird flu case confirmed in Canada

Reintegrating extremist into society

Chemistry in a trillionth of a second

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