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Cosmic dust found in city rooftop gutters

(—A small team of researchers with Imperial College London, the Natural History Museum in London, Project Stardust in Norway and Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, has found samples of cosmic dust in the ...

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Image: Fires on Cape Barren Island, Australia

The Tasmanian Fire Service reported that a vegetation fire near Thunder and Lightning Bay, Cape Barren Island, Australia, started on Dec. 4, 2016, and was still blazing on Dec. 6. Smoke from the fire was seen from space by ...

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Manmade earthquakes in Oklahoma on the decline

New regulations in Oklahoma that call for reductions in the amount of wastewater being injected into seismically active areas should significantly decrease the rate of manmade, or "induced," earthquakes in the state, Stanford ...

Cloud in a box: Mixing aerosols and turbulence

When it comes to climate change, clouds are the wild card. Atmospheric physicists at Michigan Tech use a turbulence-generating cloud chamber to better understand the details and droplets.

Nitrogen in ancient rocks a sign of early life

Nitrogen is one of the essential nutrients of life on Earth, with some organisms, such as the kinds of microbes found within the roots of legume plants, capable of converting nitrogen gas into molecules that other species ...

Satellites confirm sinking of San Francisco tower

The Sentinel-1 satellites have shown that the Millennium Tower skyscraper in the centre of San Francisco is sinking by a few centimetres a year. Studying the city is helping scientists to improve the monitoring of urban ground ...

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