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New open-access data on paleofloods

Whether extreme river floods are becoming more frequent and/or severe in a warming world remains under debate, partly because instrumental measurements of river discharge are too restricted in length to detect shifts from ...

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New arrivals in Antarctica

The next crew to live and work at the Concordia Antarctic research station has arrived in the white desert. ESA-sponsored medical doctor Floris van den Berg will take over experiments for future spaceflight from Beth Healey, ...

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Liquid acoustics half way to the Earth's core

The most direct information about the interior of the earth comes from measuring how seismic acoustic waves—such as those created by earthquakes—travel through the earth. Those measurements show that 95% of the earth's ...

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A mystery that settled in stone

The strange pillarlike formation emerged after Crowley Lake reservoir was completed in 1941: stone columns up to 20 feet tall connected by high arches, as if part of an ancient Moorish temple.

2015 and 1997 El Ninos—deja vu, or something new?

El Niño: An unusually warm pool of water off the west coast of South America, usually arriving around Christmas time, linked with complex, large-scale interactions between the atmosphere and ocean in the Pacific.

When did the Andes mountains form?

The Andes have been a mountain chain for much longer than previously thought, new research from the University of Bristol, UK suggests.

Study is first to map Earth's hidden groundwater

Groundwater: it's one of the planet's most exploited, most precious natural resources. It ranges in age from months to millions of years old. Around the world, there's increasing demand to know how much we have and how long ...

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