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Image: Aral Sea from orbit

This multitemporal Sentinel-1A radar image shows the Aral Sea, located on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia.

4 hours ago
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Antarctic ice shelves rapidly thinning

A new study led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego researchers has revealed that the thickness of Antarctica's floating ice shelves has recently decreased by as much as 18 percent in certain ...

Mar 26, 2015
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Preparing Boston for the "big one"

In 1755, a major earthquake shook the Boston area, toppling chimneys and inspiring sermons and poems about the wrath of God, such as "Earthquakes the Works of God and Tokens of his Just Displeasure" and "The ...

Mar 25, 2015
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Doppler radar pitched for farmers

Expanded mobile phone coverage and the introduction of Doppler radar are being pushed to overcome critical shortcomings in WA farming regions.

NASA catches the two day life of Tropical Cyclone Reuben

Tropical Cyclone Reuben formed on Sunday, March 21 at 22:35 UTC in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and by March 23 was already dissipating. NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Reuben when it was in the prime of its life on March ...

Amazon says FAA drone approval already obsolete

Innovative prototype presented for post-ICU patients

Physician/Pharmacist model can improve mean BP

Nocturnal GERD tied to non-infectious rhinitis

Firm combines 3-D printing with ancient foundry method

A peek at the secret life of pandas

More evidence for groundwater on Mars

Is the universe finite or infinite?

Arctic sea ice hits record low

Arctic sea ice has reached its lowest winter point since satellite observations began in the late 1970s, raising concerns about faster ice melt and rising seas due to global warming, US officials said Thursday.

Unaweep Canyon and Earth's deep-time past

Unaweep Canyon is a puzzling landscape—the only canyon on Earth with two mouths. First formally documented by western explorers mapping the Colorado Territory in the 1800s, Unaweep Canyon has inspired numerous ...

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