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Melting during cooling period

( —A University of Maine research team says stratification of the North Atlantic Ocean contributed to summer warming and glacial melting in Scotland during the period recognized for abrupt cooling ...

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Agriculture's growing effects on rain

( —Increased agricultural activity is a rain taker, not a rain maker, according to researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and their collaborators at the University of California Los ...

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Better climate predictions within grasp

that will improve our understanding of the consequences of climate change and could save the global economy up to $30 trillion - has received funding to develop a more detailed design of the technology and identify partners. ...

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Researchers decipher climate paradox from the Miocene

Scientists of the German Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), have deciphered a supposed climate paradox from the Miocene era by means of complex model simulations. ...

Revealing camouflaged bacteria

Getting a whiff of climate change

Monday was the day when millions of people in New York and New Jersey learned what climate change smells like, or at least what one of its aromas is.

Appearance of night-shining clouds has increased

( —First spotted in 1885, silvery blue clouds sometimes hover in the night sky near the poles, appearing to give off their own glowing light. Known as noctilucent clouds, this phenomenon began ...

NASA simulation portrays ozone intrusions from aloft

( —Outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado's Front Range are occasionally rewarded with remarkable visibility brought about by dry, clear air and wind. But it's what people in the mountainous U.S. West ...

HIV+ women respond well to HPV vaccine

Quantenna promises 10-gigabit Wi-Fi by next year

A greener source of polyester—cork trees

Physicists create new nanoparticle for cancer therapy

Breakthrough points to new drugs from nature

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