Chemistry news

Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds

( -- Whoever thought that science was a dry subject might change their mind after learning about a new discovery in which tequila is turned into diamonds. A team of Mexican scientists found that ...

Nov 07, 2008 weblog
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Splitting Water with Sunlight

Hydrogen is one of the most important fuels of the future, and the sun will be one of our most important sources of energy. Why not combine the two to produce hydrogen directly from solar energy without any detours involving ...

Sep 25, 2007
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Engineers perfecting hydrogen-generating technology

Researchers at Purdue University have further developed a technology that could represent a pollution-free energy source for a range of potential applications, from golf carts to submarines and cars to emergency ...

Aug 27, 2007
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Super atoms turn the periodic table upside down

Researchers at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands have developed a technique for generating atom clusters made from silver and other metals. Surprisingly enough, these so-called super atoms ...

Jul 01, 2008
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