Archive: 12/9/2008

New work on leading wave power

A technology that is adapted to the special conditions for wave energy places the wave energy technology from Uppsala on the absolute cutting edge in the world. In his dissertation, Rafael Waters presents the findings from ...

Dec 09, 2008
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Instore web 3.0 scouting

Scientists at Toshiba's Corporate Research and Development Center, in Japan have developed a system that offers shoppers advice on what to buy based on the product barcode and the current weblog buzz around the gadget. The ...

Dec 09, 2008
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Production line for artificial skin

Some patients wish they had a second skin – for instance because their own skin has been burnt in a severe accident. But transplanting skin is a painstaking task, and a transplant that has to cover large ...

Dec 09, 2008
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Researcher Helps People See Beyond the 'Typical' Divorce

( -- According to a University of Missouri family researcher, there is no “typical divorce.” Realizing this, friends and family members of people experiencing divorce should be aware of the appropriate type ...

Dec 09, 2008
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Novatel Debuts Their Wireless MiFi Hotspot

( -- The Novatel MiFi portable broadband hotspot card does the job of a 3G modem and wireless router combined. The MiFi can connect to either an EVDO Rev. A or HSPA signal. The connection is then ...

Dec 09, 2008 weblog
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Hubble Finds Carbon Dioxide on an Extrasolar Planet

( -- NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of a planet orbiting another star. This is an important step along the trail of finding the chemical biotracers ...

Dec 09, 2008
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A 'black magic' CO2 fix

Biochar, similar to charcoal used by pre-Columbian Amazonian cultures to boost crop yields, could help the fight against climate change by securely locking carbon away in soils for thousands of years, according ...

Dec 09, 2008
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Protein could prevent blocked arteries

( -- For the first time, researchers have found that a modified form of a naturally occurring protein, N-cadherin, could prevent blocked arteries. Blocked arteries are a major cause of heart attacks ...

Dec 09, 2008
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Statin warning for pregnant women

Pregnant women or those hoping to start or extend a family should avoid using the cholesterol-lowering drugs statins, say scientists.

Dec 09, 2008
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