Archive: 9/12/2008

Hubble Finds Carbon Dioxide on an Extrasolar Planet

( -- NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of a planet orbiting another star. This is an important step along the trail of finding the chemical biotracers of extraterrestrial ...

dateDec 09, 2008 in Astronomy
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A 'black magic' CO2 fix

Biochar, similar to charcoal used by pre-Columbian Amazonian cultures to boost crop yields, could help the fight against climate change by securely locking carbon away in soils for thousands of years, according to the December-January ...

dateDec 09, 2008 in Environment
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Why Life Originated (And Why it Continues)

( -- Today, scientists understand pretty well how life evolves, by mechanisms based on Darwin’s theory of natural selection for survival of the fittest. However, Darwin’s 1859 classic, On the Origin of Species, ...

dateDec 09, 2008 in feature
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