Archive: 09/9/2005

eBay's bid for Skype may backfire

Rumors abound that eBay, the world's biggest and most successful online auction house, will buy out Skype Technologies, an Internet-based telecommunications group.

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The China Yahoo! welcome: You've got Jail!

This week's revelations involving a Chinese journalist sentenced to 10 years in jail for revealing state secrets indicates the weaknesses of human rights and corporate behavior in the virtual world.

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Georgia Tech to Create Photonic Crystal Tools

Photonic crystals, with highly periodic structures that can be designed to control light, have the potential to revolutionize everything from computing to communications. But researchers need more effective and affordable ...

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Wireless World: Rehnquist's legacy

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who died last Saturday at age 80, may be known to the public as a conservative intellectual, but his rulings influenced much more than just the political landscape of the United States. ...

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