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2005 Top 10 List of Strangest and Funniest Data Disasters

Ontrack Data Recovery has unveiled its annual Top Ten list of the strangest and funniest computer mishaps in 2005. Taken from a global poll of Ontrack data recovery experts, this year's list of bizarre data ...

Dec 08, 2005
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Welcome to the new world of digital cinema

We are on the brink of breaking through to the new world of digital cinema (D-Cinema). The key to unlocking this potential is data compression and researchers are set to have a starring role.

Dec 08, 2005
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Trust-building hormone found

Scientists at the National Institute of Mental Health have discovered how a brain chemical recently found to boost trust appears to work.

Dec 08, 2005
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Study identifies two types of savannas

Colorado State University scientists have determined the Earth maintains two types of savannas, which cover a fifth of the planet's surface.

Dec 08, 2005
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'One Laptop per Child' project continues

At a time when $100 might not buy the latest techno-gadget you've been lusting over, MIT's Media Lab thinks it can do something better: provide a laptop computer for a child in a developing country.

Dec 08, 2005
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