Archive: 02/8/2008

New cause identified for necrotic enteritis in chicken

Researchers from Monash University and CSIRO Livestock Industries have demonstrated for the first time that alpha-toxin protein, long thought to be required for necrotic enteritis to develop, is not the main cause of the ...

Feb 08, 2008
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Case links death to environmental tobacco smoke

A young asthmatic woman who collapsed and died shortly after arriving for her shift as a waitress at a bar may be the first reported death to be reported nationally from acute asthma associated with environmental tobacco ...

Feb 08, 2008
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What Anthropic Reasoning Can Really Tell Us

Anthropic reasoning is under debate in the scientific community, and is considered by some as a cop-out. It has now lost further ground as physicists show that anthropic conclusions mostly reflect our biases ...

Feb 08, 2008 feature
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Unravelling the Northwest's Viking past

The blood of the Vikings is still coursing through the veins of men living in the North West of England — according to a new study which has been just published.

Feb 08, 2008
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Renaissance mystery solved

Forensic scientists said the death of Italian Renaissance philosopher Giovanni Pico della Mirandola appears to have been foul play.

Feb 08, 2008
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