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Moss protein plays role in Alzheimer's Disease

Preventing Alzheimer's disease is a goal of Raphael Kopan, Ph.D., professor of molecular biology and pharmacology at the Washington University School of Medicine. The moss plant Physcomitrella patens studied in the laboratory ...

dateFeb 08, 2008 in
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Earth's orbit creates more than a leap year

The Earth's orbital behaviors are responsible for more than just presenting us with a leap year every four years. According to Michael E. Wysession, Ph.D., associate professor of earth and planetary sciences in Arts & Sciences ...

dateFeb 08, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Teams battle to on-screen victory

Tanks, soldiers, snipers, mortars and bombers fanned out rapidly over unfamiliar undulating terrain, searching for their enemy counterparts and trying to seize control of battle towers. Some armies swarmed frenetically over ...

dateFeb 08, 2008 in Software
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Taxi! Novel location-based services hailed

European researchers are developing a range of novel technologies and end-to-end solutions for indoor and outdoor geo-location scenarios encountered by the likes of utility companies, emergency services and even taxi firms. ...

dateFeb 08, 2008 in Engineering
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Studying rivers for clues to global carbon cycle

In the science world, in the media, and recently, in our daily lives, the debate continues over how carbon in the atmosphere is affecting global climate change. Studying just how carbon cycles throughout the Earth is an enormous ...

dateFeb 08, 2008 in Environment
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