Archive: 7/07/2006

Wireless World: WiFi now in rural areas

Just two years ago, wireless fidelity technology was an utterly urban phenomenon. Urbane computer users in the cities frequented coffee houses and Kinko's shops, whenever they were about town, to check their e-mail messages ...

dateJul 07, 2006 in Telecom
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G8 vaccine plan in danger of failure

A disagreement between the United States and France may prevent a proposed vaccine program from being approved by G8 leaders.

dateJul 07, 2006 in
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Spirit Copes With Decreasing Solar Energy

With electrical power from Spirit's solar array down to about 300 watt-hours per Martian day, or sol, the science team is able to plan only one major activity per sol and often needs to devote one sol to recharging the rover's ...

dateJul 07, 2006 in Space Exploration
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