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Cosmic spider is good mother

Hanging above the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) – one of our closest galaxies – in what some describe as a frightening sight, the Tarantula nebula is worth looking at in detail. Also designated 30 Doradus ...

Apr 07, 2006
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Varibel, the glasses that hear

Today a new hearing aid in the form of a pair of glasses was unveiled. These hearing-glasses are called 'Varibel' and offer older people the chance to stay active longer - free from the aesthetically unpleasing and technologically ...

Apr 07, 2006
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Researchers use mass spectrometry to detect norovirus particles

Scientists have used mass spectrometry for decades to determine the chemical composition of samples but rarely has it been used to identify viruses, and never in complex environmental samples. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins ...

Apr 07, 2006
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Penn State to recycle tires into roads

Penn State's Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies received a $696,685 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to use waste tires to improve dirt roads that are causing silting of local waterways. ...

Apr 07, 2006
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Controversial findings help explain evolution of life

Chemists at Oregon State University have pioneered a controversial theory about how supposedly-stable DNA bases can be pushed into a "dark state" in which they are highly vulnerable to damage from ultraviolet radiation – ...

Apr 07, 2006
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New data storage design likely to increase data capacity

If you always seem to be running out of memory on your computer to store songs or photos, be assured that increasing data storage is a hot topic in nano labs. Scientists have built a patterned magnetic recording ...

Apr 07, 2006 feature
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Ruhr looks towards new astronomical horizon

Things are looking up for one of the most populated industrial areas in western Europe, thanks to a private initiative known as "Horizon Astronomy in the Ruhr Area".

Apr 07, 2006
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Small satellites offer astronomers 'PC' access to the Universe

Small satellites are now ready to open up new avenues in astronomy, according to a presentation on Friday 7th April at the RAS National Astronomy Meeting in Leicester. Rapid advances in the capabilities of satellites smaller ...

Apr 07, 2006
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ESA's Venus Express to reach final destination

It was on 9 November last year that ESA's Venus Express spacecraft lifted off from the desert of Kazakhstan onboard a Soyuz-Fregat rocket. Now, after having travelled 400 million kilometres in only about five ...

Apr 07, 2006
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BSkyB considers cheap broadband in U.K.

BSkyB is reportedly considered offering low-cost broadband to its British customers as part of a move into the telephone-line broadband market.

Apr 07, 2006
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USTR knocks world telecom rules

The United States Trade Representative warned Thursday that foreign trade barriers continue to hamper U.S. telecommunications companies.

Apr 07, 2006
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Study may help slay 'Yellow Monster'

Low-grade uranium ore is nicknamed "yellowcake" for its color and powdered consistency. The Navajo have another name: Leetso, or "yellow monster." The yellow monster surfaced on the Navajo Nation with uranium ...

Apr 07, 2006
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