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Cablevision to test remote DVR service

In the continuing struggle for dominance in the digital-video-recorder market, industry giant Cablevision is about to try something different. The firm, which has offered conventional digital-cable systems and set-top boxes ...

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First Color Mars Images From New Orbiter

This is the first color image of Mars from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The blankets of material ejected from the many small fresh craters are generally ...

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Explaining how the brain recognizes faces

The mechanism by which the brain recognizes faces has long fascinated neurobiologists, many of whom believe that the brain perceives faces as "special" and very different from other visual objects. For example, ...

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Aussies seek input on Telstra sale

Australian Finance Minister Nick Minchin will visit European and Japanese investors later this month to discuss the proposed sale of telco Telstra.

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Small Telephone Network With Peer-to-Peer

Siemens has developed a telephone system that doesn't require a switchboard. The HiPath BizIP telephones are directly connected to one another and communicate much like participants in an Internet file-sharing ...

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Israel: Intel to spend $810 million here

Global chip-making giant Intel has promised to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in Israel over the coming years for procurement, the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor announced this week.

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Delivering online assistance to the needy

Video telephony allows immediate contact with people at home, enables them to continue living at home and relieves pressure on care-providers by reducing physical journeys. It was first tested in Europe in the early 1990s ...

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Wireless World: Free cell phones for all?

Broadcast television has always been free for consumers -- courtesy of advertising sponsors, ranging from the makers of Alka-Seltzer to the purveyors of Viagra and Propecia. Now that mobile phones are as integral ...

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