Archive: 12/6/2005

ITV banks hope on networking site

Few can resist the temptation to find out what a former classmate is up to these days, be it an old flame or the prom queen who never even acknowledged your existence when you were a pimply youth.

Dec 06, 2005
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New Easter Island theory presented

A University of Hawaii anthropologist and colleagues are blaming rats and Dutch traders for the mysterious abandonment of Easter Island.

Dec 06, 2005
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Virtual modelling goes high performance

The FLEXICON project addressed the need to reduce the timescales required for producing open and distributed fault-tolerant control and monitoring systems. It developed two integrated suites of tools to support ...

Dec 06, 2005
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Harnessing the heating - and cooling - powers of the sun

Imagine heat radiating from the walls of your home on a cold winter night, or the glass in your home's windows emitting cool temperatures on a scorching summer afternoon. Now imagine these systems operating on an endless ...

Dec 06, 2005
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Top german technology for Hubble's successor

[PIC=:left]Carl Zeiss Optronics, in Oberkochen, Germany, and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg (MPIA), are developing the main fine mechanical optical technology for two instruments to be part of the James ...

Dec 06, 2005
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Galaxy collisions dominate the local universe

More than half of the largest galaxies in the nearby universe have collided and merged with another galaxy in the past two billion years, according to a Yale astronomer in a study using hundreds of images from ...

Dec 06, 2005
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Opposition grows to U.S. phone-tax hike

A Washington group battling a proposed hike in the Universal Service Fund telephone tax says complaints from irate citizens are pouring into the capital.

Dec 06, 2005
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Mongolian wildlife face extinction crisis

Wildlife Conservation Society scientists say they are deeply concerned about an alarming decrease in general wildlife populations in Mongolia.

Dec 06, 2005
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