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Tough metals go soft

Research by a University of Queensland PhD student is helping shape the materials of the future. Andrew Blake recently returned from The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) annual meeting and exhibition held in ...

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New Way to 'Fix' Nitrogen Discovered

University of Oregon chemists have produced ammonia from nitrogen at room temperature under normal atmospheric pressure, marking a significant step toward achieving one of chemistry's coveted goals.

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Power-Thrifty Hitachi Hard Drive Makes for Cool Laptops

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is bringing to market the industry’s highest-performing*, yet most power-efficient hard drive for the mainstream notebook and consumer electronic segments. In addition, the Hitachi Travelstar ...

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U.S. risks losing nano lead

Nanotechnology experts warn the United States could lose its global lead in nanotechnology. To continue U.S. leadership, the government and the industry must adopt a host of proposals, including establishing environmental, hea ...

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